Alica Solid Wood Dresser Almirah

  • Finish: Honey  finish
  • Material: Sheesham wood
  • Dimensions(Inch): 6×2.5 Ft , 6×2 Ft ,  6×1.5 Ft 
  • Storage: Yes
  • Storage Type: Open
  • No. of Drawers : 2
  • No. of Shelves : 4
  • No. of Doors : 0
  • With Seating: No
  • Product Quantity : 1 Unit
  • Country of Origin : INDIA
  • Certified : Eco Friendly
  • Shipping : Free all over Delhi/ Delhi NCR up to 60km

Note : Price May be vary according to size

Alica Solid Wood Dresser Almirah


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Alica Solid Wood Dresser Almirah

Alica Solid Wood Dresser Almirah : Where Timeless Elegance Meets Efficient Storage

Step into a sanctuary of warmth and organization with the Alica Solid Wood Dresser Almirah. This handcrafted masterpiece, sculpted from the rich, golden heartwood of Sheesham, isn’t just furniture; it’s an heirloom in the making, whispering stories of nature’s artistry and offering a haven for your treasured belongings.

Alica Solid Wood Dresser Almirah
Alica Solid Wood Dresser Almirah

A Tapestry of Nature’s Brilliance: The Allure of Sheesham Wood

Hailing from the sun-drenched plains of India, Sheesham, also known as Indian Rosewood, embodies timeless elegance. Its dense composition, hardened by years under the tropical sun, boasts unwavering strength and natural beauty. This inherent resilience ensures your Alica Solid Wood Dresser Almirah will stand the test of time, becoming a cherished companion for generations to come.

1. An Ode to Strength and Stability:

Unlike its flimsy, mass-produced counterparts, the Alica Dresser Almirah stands tall against the everyday challenges of life. Its natural oils act as a shield against moisture and pests, guaranteeing enduring functionality. Whether your home echoes with playful chaos or serene stillness, this almirah remains a bastion of order and resilience.

2. A Symphony of Storage Solutions:

From the sanctuary of your bedroom to the bustling heart of your living room, the Alica Dresser Almirah adapts with effortless grace. Deep drawers swallow blankets and winter wear, while shallow compartments meticulously organize jewelry, keys, and the countless treasures we gather along life’s journey. Some almirahs even unveil hidden compartments, ready to safeguard your most prized possessions.

3. A Touch of Exotic Sophistication:

The inherent warmth and sophistication of Sheesham wood elevate any décor. The Alica Dresser Almirah’s presence injects a touch of exotic charm, transforming your home into a haven of refined elegance. Whether your style leans towards minimalist chic or traditional grandeur, this almirah seamlessly blends in, adding a touch of timeless luxury.

Unlocking the Secrets of Functionality: A Haven for Order

1. Tailored Solutions for Every Need:

Alica Solid Wood Dresser Almirahs come in a symphony of sizes and configurations, each offering ample storage options to cater to your unique needs. Deep drawers accommodate voluminous sweaters and blankets, while smaller compartments organize keys, tech accessories, and the scattered ephemera of daily life. Some almirahs even feature adjustable shelves, ensuring maximum customization for your ever-evolving needs.

2. A Testament to Enduring Craftsmanship:

Traditional joinery techniques and meticulous detailing come together to breathe life into every Alica Dresser Almirah. Solid Sheesham wood construction eliminates worries about flimsy materials or particle board breakdowns, ensuring your almirah stands the test of time. This is not just furniture; it’s an heirloom crafted with love, ready to witness generations unfold their stories within its sturdy embrace.

3. Effortless Care for Enduring Beauty:

Maintaining the luster of your Alica Dresser Almirah is a simple act of love. Regular dusting and occasional polishing with natural oils keep its surface glowing. Unlike delicate materials that require harsh chemicals, Sheesham’s inherent resilience allows you to embrace its natural beauty without resorting to harmful cleaning products.

4. An Investment that Grows with Time:

Like a vintage wine, an Alica Solid Wood Dresser Almirah only increases in value with age. Its timeless design and enduring quality ensure it will remain a cherished piece for years to come, potentially even appreciating in value as an heirloom. Invest in a piece of natural artistry, embrace the allure of Sheesham wood, and watch it become a cherished companion that grows more beautiful with each passing year.

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Factory View : https://youtu.be/1egE5S6OHhU


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